Yesterday was one of those truly great days

Hi friends!

Ever have one of those days that just make it all worth it? Yesterday was like that for me.

It started, as every day has for the last 30 days, with me working on my next book. Each morning, before anyone is awake at my house, I write between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Yesterday I not only hit the 2,000 mark, but also had a pretty good break-through in the story (my books are business books, but written as a fictional story, much like Patrick Lencioni).

Later that morning, I watched my friend (and fellow author), Melissa Proctor, deliver an incredible talk at Creative Mornings. (Book her for a talk if your company is looking for someone!)

Not only did she tell her remarkable journey - from being the first female ball girl for the Miami Heat to the CMO of the Atlanta Hawks - but she also spent time talking about The A Pledge, which she and I co-founded last year along with several other amazing leaders.

Immediately after that, I joined the monthly Ripples of Hope cohort meeting, which is always the highlight of my week. I know I speak for my co-founder, Rachelle Kuramoto, when I say that this group of incredible leaders always inspire me more than I could possibly inspire them.

This one was extra-special as we had Frank Fernandez, President and CEO of The Community Foundation, speak to the cohort about his journey and leadership lessons he’s absorbed along the way.

He made a big impression on all of us, and I know the Ripples leaders will be more successful due to his mentorship.

And at the end of the day, I grabbed my three little ones (ages 8, 10, and 11), and we spent an hour and a half cleaning out my wife’s garage as a surprise for her. They swept, sprayed, scrubbed, and organized their little bottoms off, and the smile on their mom’s face when they displayed their work made them so very happy.

Me and my three little ones. Truth: sometimes I make a fart sound right before a photo, which always results in Kai laughing like…well, like this.

I’m wishing you days like this in your future :)


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